MagCon Boys (Thoughts/Impression)

Now. Before I start, if you follow me on twitter you already know that I have little to no tolerance for the plethora of pretty boy Viners and YouTubers that have emerged since the beginning of last year. That being said, the sudden surge in popularity that these magcon boys have so randomly received, is pretty undeserved and pointeless.

At first I just brushed it off as a janoskians 2.0 and called it a day, but the concerning part of all of this is; what do they do and why do they have so much popularity?

Let’s look at the members shall we: Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Jack Gilinsky, Aaron Carpenter, Jack Johnson, Carter Reynolds and Taylor Caniff.

This 9-piece ensemble have created a fanbase on twitter known as the “MagCon Family” and basically they go on tour to different cities for “Meet and Greets” hence the reason for the “Mag” in their name. 

Besides renowned viner Nash Grier and singers Shawn Mendes and Jack&Jack respectively, the remaining 5 are nothing but pretty faces that make semi-laughable vines and YouTube videos and claim a certain status of internet fame. 

It’s completely irrational that recognition is always given to those who barely do anything. I’ve seen this argument on my timeline countless times and I hate to break it to you, but a 7-second video really does not take that much time or effort. Albeit some of them are pretty funny, but to commend a group of guys for looking good shirtless for a few seconds and acting out relateable quotes from tumblr just doesn’t seem “stan worthy”. At all.

“YouTubers” and Internet funny guys have now become a dime a dozen with any deprived fangirl willing to latch on to anything good looking with abs and popularity. And all of these fame hungry teenage boys receive most of their fanbase by posing to be the infamous term of a “guy directioner” in order to entice the majority of girls with a supposedly common interest. 

Honestly, the hype surrounding them is pretty far fetched. Fangirls are already claiming that a Carter follow helped them put down the razor and that Magcon saved their lives and redeemed them from sudden death, as if they were Jesus reincarnated 9-fold. Then they go on to pay JUST to meet them. That’s it. At least as a 1D stan you’re going for a concert experience but with these guys, the objective is in the title: MEET AND GREET CONVENTION. 

The whole spiel just seems extremely pointless and unecessary, are fangirls so bored with one direction, 5sos, Justin Bieber etc, that they’ve decided to dedicate their lives and wifi to these overrated internet stars? The world may never know.

Tweet me @discIosures (capital “i” where the L should be) and tell me if you agree or disagree!!Image

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2 thoughts on “MagCon Boys (Thoughts/Impression)”

  1. First of all. These boys ARE talented. For example, Nash and Cameron act and Shawn is an AMAZING singer. They became famous because of their talent. Nash didn’t even try to become famous.

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